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The streets of San Francisco are lined with pear, plum and apple trees thanks to ‘guerilla grafters’ secretly grafting fruit-bearing scions onto ornamental, non-fruit bearing trees making fresh fruit free and available to everyone who wishes to pick some.

'All you have to do is make a slit with a knife in a branch on the host tree, insert a branch from a fruit-bearing tree, and secure it with tape.  Once it heals, it connects.” — Tara Hui started the movement and has been grafting fruit branches to city trees for two years now.

How great would it be to see free fruit from guerilla grafters growing in your city?  Want to start a trend?

yo my grandpa has done this with some trees on our property so we got some weird ass trees LOL

fucking frankenstein monster trees

best shit ever

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No, but really John Williams is a brilliant composer.

I don’t think people often realize just how much he’s done and how many of our fondest memories he’s had a direct hand in.  Give his IMDb page a look, it’s a real eye-opener.

His composition list is incredible.

I mean, he has 145 composer credits from 1952 all the way to 2015.  He’s been doing this for sixty-two years and he’s still going strong at 82 years old!

Edit: Stupid math XD

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A penguin who was previously made a Colonel-in-Chief of the Norwegian Army has been knighted at Edinburgh Zoo.

Penguin Nils Olav has been an honorary member and mascot of the Norwegian King’s Guard since 1972.

Over the years, he has been promoted through the ranks after being adopted by Royal Guard who visited the zoo.

During the ceremony, Nils had a sword dubbed on each side of his head, where his shoulders should be, to confirm his regimental knighthood.

The proud penguin was on his best behavior throughout most of the ceremony, but shortly before the ritual was concluded and possibly suffering a bout of nerves he was seen to deposit a discreet white puddle on the ground.

Sir Nils Olav the penguin.

Sir Nils Olav. Living the dream.


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